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Reality Check Commentary: News Media's 1.28% Crisis

Faked Signature for Biden’s Withdrawal Letter? No.

Trump Shooting Sparks "BlueAnon" — Left-wing QAnon

AI Chatbots Fail on the Trump Assassination Attempt Story

Was Trump Shooting Staged or Biden’s Doing?

Exposing TikTok’s AI-Generated Misinformation

Reality Check Commentary: No News Is Bad News: Some AI Models Are Trained to Avoid News

French Election: Surprise Results, Familiar False Claims

Reality Check Commentary: From Macedonian Teenagers to Multibillion-Dollar AI Models: Professionalizing Election Misinformation

Rumble Crashes, Conspiracies Fly

X’s AI Superspread Presidential Debate Misinformation

Get the real story about online misinformation—and the forces behind it.

Reality Check Commentary: ‘Data Voids’ Cause AI Models to Spread Russian Disinformation

Google News Promotes AI-Generated 'News'

Reality Check Commentary: How We Became the Target of Russian Disinformation — And Partisan Politicians

Special Report: Top 10 Generative AI Models Mimic Russian Disinformation Claims One Third of the Time, Citing Moscow-Created Fake Local News Sites as Authoritative Sources

Trump Appeal Judges Are All Black Women? Not So Fast

67% of Top Brands Inadvertently Fund Misinformation, Stanford Study Finds

Reality Check Commentary: Tips for Avoiding Pink Slime “News”

Sad Milestone: Fake Local News Sites Now Outnumber Real Local Newspaper Sites in U.S.

Fake Local News Network Infects 49 States with Fake COVID-19 Death Claims

Reality Check Commentary: Satire should be funny — and labeled

Fugitive Florida Deputy Sheriff Who Became Kremlin Disinformation Impresario

Russia invents a Nazi pizza parlor in Ukraine

Reality Check Commentary: Using Misrepresented Visuals to Lie: When the Truth Isn't Enough

Fake Accounts on X Say They’re Not Voting for Biden

This photo of Kristi Noem's dead dog went viral on the left. It's fake.

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Invitation to Become a Member of NewsGuard’s Reality Check

“Gazawood” Claims Spike Ahead of Rafah Offensive

QAnon Claims on X Soar by 1,283%

Reality Check Commentary: An MSNBC Interview About Campus Protests Gives Prime-Time Journalism Lessons

Beware of Websites With “Truth” in their Names

NewsGuard Finds 167 Chinese “Spamouflage” Accounts

Reality Check Commentary: Generative AI Models Are Finally Paying to be Trained on Trustworthy Journalism

Kremlin Hijacks Hollywood Stars

Build-A-Bear gets a satanic AI makeover

Reality Check Commentary: No New Laws Needed to Force the Social Media Platforms to Protect their Users

Iran’s Leader Declared Most Powerful Man by (Faked) Forbes Cover

Iranian state media fakes success against Israel

Reality Check Commentary: At Least O.J. Reality TV Was Real

$105 to Create an AI-Generated Partisan Local News Website

No, the Ken Doll is Not Pregnant

Reality Check Commentary: Kremlin Makes Ukraine’s Zelensky a Real Estate Mogul

Reality Check Commentary: Back When Bridges Collapsed, but the Truth Survived

Baltimore bridge collapse sparks multiple false claims

Reality Check Commentary: The Kremlin’s Disinformation Campaign Against Its Own People

Special Edition: The Moscow Terror Attack

Pink Slime Time: Election Year Launches of Secretly Partisan Local News

Nyet, comrade, it’s not true that King Charles has died

Reality Check Commentary: Beijing Doesn’t Deserve To Keep Regulating TikTok, Which Spreads Misinformation 20 Percent of the Time — and Is Banned in China

Misinformation from the creator of “Scruples” card game

Milestone: NewsGuard has found 750 AI-generated “news” websites

Reality Check Commentary: A Faked Kate is Just The Beginning

Did you hear Gmail is being shut down?

COVID deniers now have their own musical

Reality Check Commentary: Is Censorship Better Done by the Government or by the Tech Platforms? Neither!

Nestlé Nesquik Nonsense about Frogs

KFC Falsely Accused of Insulting Palestinian Refugees

Commentary: Section 230’s Legacy: SCOTUS Social Media Case Will Continue Giving Platforms the Freedom to 'Edit' Recklessly

Costco Conspiracy in Aisle Seven

We’ve Now Found More than 700 AI-Generated ‘News’ Sites

Reality Check Commentary: Kremlin’s World-Class Dashboard Maximizes Disinformation, at 26 Cents Per Lie

The Misinformation Pandemic: Over 300 Vaccine Myths and Counting

The Great Super Bowl Conspiracy

Reality Check Commentary: Tucker Carlson Sits By as Putin Claims Poland Started WWII

Kremlin Corrects Tucker Carlson

Unmasking the Taylor Swift ‘Psyop Plot’

Facebook Fails to Shake Off Taylor Swift AI Fake

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